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Each year we need to raise more than $2,000,000 from sponsors and donations to maintain the security of our endangered species and their environment. You have the opportunity to support this programme.


MEIT is a charitable trust and all donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made as:

  • a direct credit to our bank account 12-3123-0027696-00, and complete the donation form
  • a cheque by mail to Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust, PO Box 476, Cambridge 3450, NEW ZEALAND

However you choose to donate please advise your name, address or supporter number so we can acknowledge your donation and send you a receipt.




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We are selling the Entertainment Book for a fundraiser for the Trust.  This book is full of vouchers for   Restaurants and other activities in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty area and are valid from now until 1 June 2015.  For more information contact  There is more information and a few copies available at the office phone 07 870 5180.




Become a Volunteer

More than 200 community volunteers regularly work hours equivalent to 40 full time employees to help restore Maungatautari; in fact volunteers are integral to the success of the Maungatautari restoration project.


Working with our volunteers is a very rewarding and fun experience. The amount of time you have to give is completely up to you however, you will need to check the days and frequency of each task. We welcome volunteers who are able to give their time on any of the following bases:

  • for a regular number of hours on a particular day each week, fortnight, or month
  • for an agreed number of hours on any day each week, fortnight or month
  • for one off tasks periodically

We have vacancies where volunteers join a roster for the following areas:

  • Cambridge stall holders (2nd Sunday of every month)
  • events (usually weekends but not always)
  • visitor experience (week days or weekends)
             must be able to commit to regular days/times 
                     *    tour guides; or
                     *   visitor centre hosts

We also have other vacancies where volunteers work with staff or an experienced team leader:

  • general light duties (usually Tuesdays)
  • maintenance and labourers (some week days)
  • Natural Heritage team (week days)
             must be able to commit to working a full day at short notice
                    *   Working with staff 
  • pest monitoring (1-2 times a month or 1-2 times every 3 months)
             must be able to commit your own team of 2 or more
                   *   monitoring a sector of fence (monthly)
                   *   monitoring tracking tunnels in one of the enclosures (monthly)
                   *   monitoring tracking tunnels out over the mountain (every 3 months)
  • planting & weeding (every Friday fortnightly)

As a reward for service, we are sometimes able to offer our valued volunteers an opportunity to help with translocation of birds and other species or as part of other like projects:

  • specials - birds and other species (rarely required)

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please follow this link to print our Volunteer Registration Form, fill in your details and post to us at PO Box 476, Cambridge 3450, or scan and email 




Become a Sponsor

The fence is built, the reintroductions are made, the predators are taken care of, what's left to do?  Maintaining a predator-free mountain is a huge and ongoing task and we need to raise more than $2,000,000 annually from sponsors and donations to maintain the security of our endangered species and their environment. You have the opportunity to sponsor this programme.  Some of the operations you may be interested in sponsoring include:

  • Pest control - baits, traps, pesticides, weedicides, application, monitoring and maintenance operations
  • Fence & track maintenance - fencing materials, track metal, culverts, fence alarm system/monitoring, cartage & contractors
  • Equipment - vehicles, quad bikes, diggers, chainsaws, operating costs, repairs, maintenance and replacement programmes
  • Biodiversity Management - species management and monitoring
  • Administration - support staffing, office rents, electricity, phones, postage, printing

We also have a number of new capital infrastructure programmes planned.


Please call our General Manager on 07 870 5180 for further details on sponsorship or email




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