General Questions

Is there a public transport service to the Southern Enclosure?

There is no public transport service from Cambridge.  You need to arrange private transport - see our directions page.

What are all the pink ribbons on the trees?

Pink ribbons mark the tracking lines walked monthly by volunteers who service our pest monitoring tunnels.  Please do not attempt to follow these tracks or interfere with the ribbons.

Is there a drop-off service for those wishing to walk across the mountain?

You can leave your car on the southern side of the mountain where Out in the Styx offers a chargeable drop-off service to the northern entrance.  Phone 07 872 4505 for further information.  Bookings are essential.

Will I see a kiwi?

Kiwi are nocturnal and you will not see one during the day - if you are very lucky you may see one at night whilst on a night walk.  You are however likely to hear their shrill cry in the night.

What time does the southern enclosure open and close?

The visitor centre is open from 8.30am to 4.00 pm every day.  A facilities fee is paid at the visitor centre and an acces card is issued to enter and exit the southern enclosure.  If you wish to visit the southern enclosure after these hours, you may wish to purchase a Frequent Visitor Fob which will allow 24/7 access. 

What does it cost to get in?

There is now a Facilities Fee for entry to Te Tui a Taane, southern enclosure. Donation boxes are provided at both the northern enclosure and the visitor centre on the southern side. We also run guided tours for which there is a charge.

Is there a charge for Over the Mountain Track? There is no fee for utilising the Over the Mountain Track.  We recommend that you walk on this track during daylight hours.