The vision for the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust is ……

Sharing the restored ecosystem on Maungatautari.


Our mission and purpose..........

To remove forever, or control, introduced mammalian pests and predators from Maungatautari and restore to the forest a healthy diversity of indigenous plants and animals not seen in our lifetime.



  • To build and maintain a 47km totally pest-proof fence around the forest on Maungatautari.
  • To eliminate ALL warm-blooded (mammalian) animal pests within the fence.
  • To re-introduce threatened species that have been lost from Maungatautari, including kiwi, kokako, giant weta, and tuatara.
  • To build visitor access gates and tracks and create a wildlife haven where visitors are welcome.
  • To encourage visitors to come and enjoy the vibrant wildlife, and to experience a pest-free New Zealand forest.
  • To establish an educational facility for school groups, visitors and researchers to learn about our unique flora and fauna.
  • To establish a successful, sustainable enterprise that ensures the longevity of the project.

"For hundreds of years Maungatautari has been a source of life for both Maori and Pakeha. Now it is time to give back to our mountain what we have taken away" Peter Tairi - Chairman Maungatautari Marae




Maungatautari History

Maungatautari has a rich history which has been researched and documented by John Scott.


John's compiled history is available as pdf - download - if you wish to use any of the information in the document please acknowledge this source.